Last updated November 2020

The following are being implemented for all visitors to Yaya’s House, Hintlesham for the safety and comfort of our guests and staff.

You must now pre-book your sessional visit

Due to the current situation we have restricted our visitor numbers to provide even more space for you to be able to enjoy a socially distanced visit at Yaya’s House. Before you visit, you’ll need to make sure you’ve pre-booked the date and session time of your arrival. Please ensure you have received a confirmation email of your booking prior to your arrival.  The sessions are 2 1/2 hours long. Pre-booking ensures we can control visitor numbers, track and trace and also have a safe, friendly environment for you, your children and our staff.

On arrival

Please practice good social distancing etiquette whilst queuing to enter. We will endeavour to sign everyone in as quickly as we can. On entry into Yaya’s House a mask needs to be worn by everyone over 12 years who does not have an exemption. You will not need to wear the mask when seated for eating or drinking seated in the main cafe or outside areas.  

Food and Drink

We are offering the normal menu of yummy food and an extended drinks menu with some specials too!  Instructions for ordering will be clearly signed.  Please choose your order before going to the cafe counter.  If you wish to pre-order for a specific time please let us know, this is to minimise queues at key times.  Please do socially distance and wear a mask when approaching the counter to order.  We would appreciate touch free card payments, if you can.  No food or drink to be  bought into Yaya’s House for consumption on the property, this includes any form of children’s or adult’s food.

Eating – Seating arrangements

We have organised our tables so that social distancing from other visitors can be maintained. We have tables in the main cafe, in the role play barn, outside with parasols and under the gazebo, weather permitting. When you are not seated for eating and drinking, a mask must be worn as per government guidelines.

Clean hands

We’ll have additional automatic and manual hand sanitising stations throughout Yaya’s House so you’re never too far away from one where you can sanitise yours, and your little one’s hands.

On entry into Yaya’s House you will all need to sanitise. Also, when you enter the play barn you will need to wash your hands or sanitise. When you exit the play barn, we kindly ask you to wash your hands or sanitise. For your convenience you will find the sanitiser by each door.


As we have had to move to timed sessions please do ensure you are ready to leave us at the end of your session time.  We ask you to be prompt as we have to then completely re-set the play areas with sanitised toys, sanitise the play areas and all other areas, including the rest rooms and all entry and exit handles and surfaces for the safety of the next group who are coming to enjoy the facilities at Yaya’s House.

Cleaning Routines

Our strict cleaning regimes are such that we have always, every day without fail, cleaned our Play Village before we open, now in between each play session and at the end of the day. This will always remain. 

Our belief is that no matter what session you chose to visit us you should have the same experience as families who have booked at the very start of the day.  That is, you should not arrive for the last play session of the day and have a poorer quality of experience than those arriving for the first.  Families should expect no matter what play session they visit, a clean, inviting, safe and presentable Play Village.


At any time during your visit, if you feel an area needs attention, if you have any concerns or you wish to speak to us regarding our process, please do let one of the Yaya’s team know so we can deal with any concern you may have immediately.  Please be kind and patient as this is new to us all and we have many guidelines to follow while also ensuring our guests have the best time. we will be grateful for any feedback for us to improve your experience within these guidelines.

Please do not visit us with symptoms

Please DO NOT VISIT Yaya’s House if you have symptoms of coronavirus including;

A high temperature, persistent new cough and/or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste.